‘Community’ Arts Project – The ‘Community’ creating a visual representation of ‘Community’.

Published on: March 18, 2024

Southend Museums believe that art has a vital role to play in creating more inclusive, culturally diverse societies.

Everyone has a right to experience art, develop their creativity, express their unique identity and engage in our shared humanity.

We invite you to join us in promoting social inclusion and protecting vulnerable groups through art.

Southend Museums Beecroft Art Gallery seeks to impact the public narrative on issues facing our community. We aim to counter fear and separation and promote social inclusion through participatory art projects, art education, community art initiatives, exhibits and installations.

To participate in the creation of the representation of our community, you now have a wooden blank of the human form. This is a visual reminder that we are essentially the same – this is an expression of our shared humanity. You are now invited to decorate the blanks with representations of themselves in any way that you wish. All completed personalised figures will be displayed in unity.

This unified display will create ‘Community’.

You are also encouraged to contribute their ‘Voice’

This will be in the form of an A4 sheet containing your experience of ‘Community’.

How did you come to be part of it? How does it make you feel? What does community mean to you? This can be anonymous. You have full autonomy on how you present and create this – another representation of ‘self’.

All individual representations of ‘self’ will then be brought together to create a cohesive whole, all ‘voices’ will be given a chance to be heard equally – a representation of our ‘community’ and an opportunity to understand each other’s experiences and perspectives. The book of ‘Voices’ will be displayed alongside the wooden figures in the Beecroft Gallery.

It is also proposed that as part of the ‘Community’ project, a short film will be made in conjunction with students from the University of Southend. If you wish to be considered to take part in this, please make your interest known when returning your submissions.

All completed submissions to be returned to The Beecroft Art Gallery by Sunday 28th July 2024.


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