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The purpose of the group is to organize thematic events where the education of our children is the main focus in order for them to learn and follow the national traditions. For example, Santa Claus Day, End of Winter Carnival, The Big Pig Day, Festival of

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We aim to link Southenders and newer communities through befriending projects and activities. To provide support & information to asylum seekers in partnership with other organisations. To develop a hosting scheme. Also reaching out to other isolated/seni

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In addition to running with the global commission and vision of RCCG, To make sure you will go to heaven. Take as many people as possible with you to heaven. Live a life of holiness. Preaching throughout the world. Planting churches. We, at RCCG Throne of Grace seek to…Obtain Mercy….Find Grace….Achieve Divine Purpose


Group of Hindu Elderly members meet every Tuesday at st Edmunds Community Hall for social meeting and recreation activities. The facilities are provided by volunteers from Hindu Community.

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To support Filipino’s in Britain


Southend Zimbabwean Network was launched in 2010 to facilitate & support the needs of the Zimbabwean community in Southend & welcomes those outside the Zim community who support SZN aims & objectives. SZN represents dealings with statutory authorities.

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To promote equalities particularly race equality and advocacy for the BME sector. To build a strong and representative regional BME network.

We have a statutory remit to promote and monitor human rights; and to protect, enforce and promote equality across the seven “protected” grounds – age, disability, gender, race, religion and belief, sexual orientation and gender reassignment.

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EAWA – Essex Asian Women’s Association provides a forum for dialogue and discussion with the aim of promoting awareness of issues relating to Asian women (although women from all backgrounds are welcome), providing support and guidance and improving quali

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Meets the needs of Malayalee Community originating from Southend India advance their interest and develop partnership with the other organisations and agencies in pursuit of community cohesion and social inclusion. Activities for families especially child

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