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A community project working with those on the edges of society including the homeless. A Baptist Church.

07938 847147

Christian group to encourage understanding in faith. Support group to individuals with various personal problems, i.e. depression, loss of direction in life etc. Children’s introduction to the bible/Christian faith.  Please contact by phone

01702 203327

Church On The Rock UK COTRUK; started on the 15th of January, 2005 from the high street in Southend. It is registered charity in England, UK. It traded as a company, limited by guarantee in 2007, and in 2012, it changed its name to COTRDC, Church On The R

01702 340148

Raises money to support work in Uganda. The relief of poverty.


Teaching meditation to improve health and wellbeing. Meet daily at the Temple Café.

01702 808760

We offer whole person health care through a faith community. Supporting people towards this who may have questions about things GP or district nurse donnt have time for. Also able to give people time and reassurance etc. Activities include Health education.

01702 331024

A growing Christian network of charity shops, transforming lives through volunteering, training and funding community initiatives. We provide life-changing volunteering and training opportunities and award small grants to fund local community initiatives.

01702 344686

We are a Christian Spiritualist Church carrying out weekly services & activities trying to give a warm & supportive service to both our members and any member of the public that wishes to come into our Church.


Thorpe Bay Methodist funds full time youth worker who has a small team of volunteers that deliver youth clubs, mentoring and music sessions. Christian based, not biased and work with youngsters from a variety of backgrounds and demographics.

07745 287289

In addition to running with the global commission and vision of RCCG, To make sure you will go to heaven. Take as many people as possible with you to heaven. Live a life of holiness. Preaching throughout the world. Planting churches. We, at RCCG Throne of Grace seek to…Obtain Mercy….Find Grace….Achieve Divine Purpose