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Aspirations is run by trustees, we give grants of up to £500 for a group or individual between the agers of 13 to 19 or up to 25 with additional needs. The purpose is to help young people to lead better lives, fulfil their potential and achieve their drea

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14 Studio’s for young people to work.

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Thorpe Bay Methodist funds full time youth worker who has a small team of volunteers that deliver youth clubs, mentoring and music sessions. Christian based, not biased and work with youngsters from a variety of backgrounds and demographics.

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We are a volunteer run community radio station licenced and broadcasting on 103.7FM
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Kids Inspire is a charity which offers therapy, counselling, mentoring and mediation to the troubled children and young people of Essex. Our aim is to empower them to become positive, valued members of their school and community.

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This is what it’s all about – activities that offer challenge, excitement and adventure and the knowledge you pick up along the way through structured lectures and first-hand experience.
Don’t worry about being thrown in at the deep end. You’ll join your local squadron as a trial, when you get to know the other cadets and start basic training. You then get gradually introduced to activities as you progress, so you can make the most of every opportunity that comes your way.
It’s important to know that we’re not a recruiting organisation for the Services (but it’s great if you decide you want to join later on). We’re not interested in anything but you and your potential, and will help you get the most from your experience as a cadet.
Worried about fitting in? Equality is a central part of the Air Cadets’ ethic. The cadet experience is open to everyone, so whatever your nationality, background or ability, whether you’re male or female, if you’re between 13, or aged 12 if you’re already in year 8 or equivalent at school, and 17 years old you can join us.
For families on lower incomes, there is provision for the Committee to consider subsiding cost of special activities.
Whats in it for you?
Aside from flying, sports, target shooting, adventure training and great fun? You’ll soon find that being an air cadet is its own reward – you constantly see the benefits of your own efforts, building on your achievements and earning BTECs and DoE Awards. You’ll be expected to take part in as many of the activities we run as possible, but with what’s on offer you won’t need much persuading!
We have high standards to maintain as we are a ‘military’ youth organisation and you’ll naturally take pride in your uniform (we supply that) and appearance. You’ll be well mannered and self-disciplined. You’ll be joining an organisation of which you’ll be very proud.

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Uniformed Voluntary Youth Organisation (Aviation Orientated Cadets)

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Providing a safe place for the children and young people of Great Wakering and the surrounding districts to enjoy themselves, meet new friends and learn social responsibility.

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To work with disadvantaged young people between the ages of 11 and 25 offering advice, support, information and counselling

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01268 683431