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Christian group to encourage understanding in faith. Support group to individuals with various personal problems, i.e. depression, loss of direction in life etc. Children's introduction to the bible/Christian faith.

01702 203327

The Bladder and Bowel Community is  the UK wide charity for people with bladder and bowel control problems. B&BF provides information and support services, including a confidential helpline, for anyone affected by these conditions as well as their

Home Delivery Service 0800 031 5406

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BSTLC CIC is a Community Interest Company, a social enterprise limited by guarantee.

BSTLC focuses on encouraging businesses of all sizes, from a sole proprietor to large PLCs, to support their local community.

We use the Power of Leverage to improve our local community.

The company is based in Southend but is looking to develop a model that could be replicated in local areas across the country. There are three main aspects to our operations:

1. Double Whammy Networking events (DW)

Ad hoc DW events in the Southend area provide excellent business networking opportunities that also support the local community. Events are always sponsored; delegates are charged the normal rate for the type of event, typically £10; at least 75% of the ticket price goes to our charity pot. We don’t hold any raffles or auctions at the events apart from an optional card draw.

2. Southend Business and Community Charter Awards

An award, via a robust application process, (it isn’t a competition) to acknowledge and celebrate businesses that are supporting the Southend community. A Charter Committee with members from local business and community organisation, including Southend-on-Sea Borough Council, makes the final award decision.

3. Keeping our Southend Business database informed of ways in which they could support the local community.

01702 468387

To enhance the lives of disadvantaged young people 18-21 living in Southend on Sea, by development of their skills through volunteering opportunities in underprivileged communities across the world.

07841 645887

We believe that every young person should have the skills, confidence and opportunity to enjoy a rewarding future. That's why we work across the UK to connect disadvantaged young people with the world of work, unlocking their potential and levelling the playing field.

0207 986 5494

The Chalkwell Redcaps Surf Life Saving Club is a local Southend sports club. The club was created to establish a safe environment for open water swimming at Chalkwell Beach. Since the club started with 12 swimming members in May 2010 it has gone from strength to strength and is the first of its kind to be set up in Essex. We are situated at Chalkwell Esplanade next to Chalkwell bowls club and we provide regular training sessions throughout the year.

The club has been set up by 4 qualified beach lifeguards and was initially developed to maintain fitness levels for rescue work, however, over the years non-lifeguards have joined and developed their own skills which has expanded the club and grown into this new voluntary service.

Lifeguard Fitness Club - The Chalkwell Redcaps SLSC provides a weekly fitness session open to club members and non-members alike. This session is completely free and happens every Sunday from 10am to 11am. These sessions include beach and water activities suitable for any level of fitness and there is no need to have any lifesaving experience to join in.

Club Training - After the open fitness session the club provides life guard specific training including basic life support, rescue skills and water safety. This session occurs after the Fitness session, the club also provides regular training to National Vocational Beach Lifeguard Level (NVBLQ) which is an internationally recognised qualification and is essential if you are looking to become a professional lifeguard.

Club Activities - Chalkwell Redcaps SLSC provides safety cover for many of the water-based events including the pier swim and the raft race and also provides safety support for one of the largest sea swimming clubs in the country. We meet regularly throughout the summer to provide safety support and hone our skills.

Twitter: @redcapsSLSGB

Facebook: @lifeguardfitness

Instagram: redcapsSLSGB


Church On The Rock UK COTRUK; started on the 15th of January, 2005 from the high street in Southend. It is registered charity in England, UK. It traded as a company, limited by guarantee in 2007, and in 2012, it changed its name to COTRDC, Church On The R

01702 340148

Citizens Advice Witness Service is a national organisation that provides emotional support and practical help to witnesses before and on the day of the trial. We arrange for witnesses (including victims) to visit the court before the trial so they know what to expect.

This group supports the Southend area only.

0300 332 1338

All welcome. Friendship group meets every other Thursday between 2.00pm and 4.00pm for tea, coffee, cakes and a chat. A warm welcome awaits you. There is no charge to join in.

01702 349069

We are working to help coordinate counselling and therapeutic services and improve the quality of counselling and related therapy in Southend and surrounding areas. We have meetings every two months, where members of different counselling services attend

07526 066517