Drugsline Education aim to arm young people with good quality facts and information about the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse. We look at all addiction. Steven Mervish is a Psychodynamic Integrative Therapist with over thirty years experience in the drug field. Michelle Noad (Millie) has twenty years experience in the field. We also teach people in recover how to delivery workshops to young people. Sadly most of the people I have tried have not been able to do it correctly. They tend to move towards giving a share … this is not what the schools want. Also a lot of the men I have tried glamourise the crime and try and find something about their addiction that was good.

Part of the work is also supporting families where addiction is occurring in the family.

Our After-Sales Service is to be there for the schools who are customers and give support if there are issues in the school. This is done either in person, on the phone, via email and signposting.

About Us

We have many years experience working in the drug and alcohol field. This includes working in detox and rehab, as well as working with people in full blown addiction. Our training experience has involved us with teaching social workers, key workers, projects workers, police and probation on how to work with clients who are have problems with drugs and alcohol. Our work within schools goes back to almost 10 years and during that time we have spoken to thousands of students each year.

We have presented to over 600,000 students in the past six years alone. ÿ These sessions work for Year 5, right up to university students. Our sessions can be adapted depending on the needs of the individual schools.

Many young people, due to their age or cultural background are na?ve or grossly misinformed about the dangers of drugs and the majority of them are keen and interested in finding out more.

In conjunction with this work, we are often asked to put on Parents Evenings, for which we have produced a separate programme entitled:ÿ?Does My Child Know More Than Me?. This has been received by over 4,800 parents since our foundation, and positive feedback from the schools followed. We are often asked if we can repeat our session the following year, to a new set of parents.




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