Our Aims:

To empower Asian women with the knowledge and confidence to access a diverse range of health care initiatives.

To enable Asian women who are isolated to receive advice and support, helping to integrate them into the local community.

To address inequalities of provision of services to Asian women.

To celebrate and highlight the multitude of heritage that is entrenched in different cultures in the local community.


Our Vision:

To sponsor programmes and services which:

Increase depth of knowledge and may help to break down barriers to employment.

Develop health and social welfare facilities including support for those experiencing domestic abuse.

Offer the provision of advice and support to meet the needs of Asian women and others.

Enhance the visibility of Asian women and their equal role in the community.

Enlighten and strengthen the wider community.

Location & Contact Details


Opening Times

Nirmal Gupta MBE Tel: 01702 584959 Veena Sood Tel: 01702 331448

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01702 584959