The Paediatric Community Nursing Team (PCN Team) provides clinical nursing care for children with who are sick, have complex and ongoing health needs in the community. The team predominantly cares for children between the ages of 0 ? 16 years that otherwise would need to return to hospital or their GP for their health care needs. The service is managed and delivered by nursing staff who have a registered sick children?s qualification and who have received additional and ongoing training specifically to care for sick and unwell children.

The service operates in partnership with the child and family to promote hospital avoidance, unnecessary hospital admission and facilitation of early discharge. This is encouraged by teaching and supporting children and their families to manage their conditions at home.

The PCN Team deliver positive outcomes for people who use the PCN service by reducing unnecessary hospital admissions, promoting hospital avoidance and facilitating early discharge home, in addition to supporting and maintaining care needs for on-going maintenance treatment at home. This reduces their levels of anxiety and stress by attending hospital for a procedure or assessment that can be undertaken at home by the PCN Team.

The Nursery Nurses deliver positive outcomes by providing respite to parents which is designed to give the primary care giver a break from their care giving duties. This is advocated and seen as an importance means of alleviating the individual carer?s stress. This is positive because it enables parents to maintain the stamina required to continue caring for their children at home.

The PCN Team participates in the Friends & Family questionnaire developed by SEPT for long term patients annually and for every short term episode of care upon discharge and those results are evaluated and action plans formulated according to the results. In addition thank you?s, compliments and complaints are all actioned accordingly.

Who the service provides for

The Paediatric Community Nursing Service provides clinical nursing care for children within their home environment between the ages of 0 ? 16 years with a clinical nursing need (as above).

Exclusions: Children?s diabetes and continence

How the service is accessed

Ask for a referral from the Multidisciplinary team.
Referrals are also accepted from families who have previously been on the PCN caseload and discharged.

website can be reached via home option of website and selecting the following.

Paediatric Community Nursing Service ? Southend and Castlepoint and Rochford CCG

Location & Contact Details


Willow Ward

Rochford Hospital

Union Lane




Email Address


01702 372076