Prost8 was formed to broaden awareness of, and access to, newer minimally invasive treatments for prostate cancer here in the UK. Our challenge is to dramatically reduce the current overtreatment of men with prostate cancer.

In the next 10 years alone, a staggering 500,000 men will receive a new prostate cancer diagnosis in the UK. Up to a third of these men will have low to medium grade, treatable cancer and could benefit from newer, cutting edge, minimally invasive treatments, called focal ablation. BUT, incredibly, right now, almost all of those men will only be offered the same invasive, lifestyle-changing treatments as men with advanced cancers.ÿ

Focal ablation is the biggest single advance in treating prostate cancer in the past 20 years and needs to be more widely available. Check outÿfor full details.ÿ

The fact is that right now less than 5% of men who could benefit from these treatments will actually get them, and Prost8 is working to change this! After all, it could be you or a loved one who is the next to be diagnosed, so make sure that the best treatment options are ready and available, just in case..

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