Whether you, your child or those you work with have a physical impairment, learning disability or any other condition, our information is for you.

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Comunity Engagement, Southend and Thurrock

Our community engagement programme, supported by people’s health trust, gives disabled people, their families and unpaid carers the time and space to think about what issues matter to them in their own local community, and the opportunity to take action on them together.

Regular groups are meeting in certain locations. Small project groups are already taking forward their ideas for local activities and action. You may want to join something that is already happening, or start something new. Contact your local coordinator who can talk to you about how to get involved.

If you are a disabled person aged between 12 and 65, caring for a disabled child, or an unpaid carer in the Thurrock and Southend area, this is for you. The programme can help you to meet regularly with other people, or make changes happen in your local community. It’s also a great opportunity to become a volunteer.

Contact details for Community Engagement, Southend and Thurrock 07891 059125 or email mark.bromfield@scope.org.uk

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