STRM – Send The Right Message Charity is to improve the lives of families with a child who has been identified or is suspected of having specific educational needs and/or disabilities.

Using our insight and lived experience, our knowledgeable team can support you and help you to learn while providing information, a support network and an inclusive community.

Our support services are designed to provide comprehensive and holistic assistance to families. We equip families with the necessary information and guidance to help them overcome any barriers they may face.

From cost of living support to social activities, our team – who have lived experience of these barriers – strive to create a welcoming and supportive environment that fosters growth and development.

No diagnosis is needed to access our services.

We offer:

Twice monthly in person support sessions, once monthly online support sessions

Cost of living crisis support

Resources and information

Disability Benefit Advisor appointments for help completing DLA, Child PIP 16-25, mandatory reconsiderations and blue badge applications

Events and socials

Signposting and advice




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07359 068827