At Simply Stride we apply effective yoga, pilates and mindfulness techniques and ideas to something we do every day. Walking!

Stress, illness, physical and mental habits can restrict our mobility, our well-being, even our happiness. We often put up with discomfort and pain because that?s ?just the way things are?.

Our walking technique is a unique, very flexible, often life-changing walking course that has all kinds of physical and emotional benefits. We are gentle with you ? but it?s no walk in the park! We spend time carefully gauging your level of ability and identifying your personal ambitions (and hurdles) then we help and support you on your journey to achieve them!

We currently have sessions running throughout Essex and in the City of London with courses available for all ages and abilities!

All our courses begin with body awareness and efficiency, using positive mind exercises including mindfulness.

The stride techniques strengthens the body to reinforce purpose and the intent to look after yourself, we achieve agility for the mind as well as flexibility of the body.

We see it as the foundation for achieving life-changing, sustainable results. Because it?s such an important stage, we like to take things steady. Here are the areas that we?d like you to cover, but there?s no rush! (And we don?t even need to do them in this order.)

  • ?Energising? How to Boost your Energy Levels.
  • ?Nourishing? Improving muscle tone, calorie burning and energy levels
  • ?Toning? This includes posture for day and night, muscle toning and kcal burning using different stretches and walking exercises
  • ?Breathing? When you breathe properly you can relieve stress, improve your posture and encourage a more powerful stride
  • ?Positive mindset? For confidence to feel more like you again

We want you to be happy and comfortable with your progress. You can book walking sessions (usually 60 minutes) to suit your diary. These will be included in our usual weekly walking group Stride, unless you would prefer a personal one-to-one session. It?s entirely up to you! We do however recommend that you have a walking session every week to reinforce the techniques and maintain (or ideally improve) your fitness. We?ll be looking at everything from power, speed and posture to toning and weight loss. Your progress will gradually evolve at a pace that?s right for you.

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We?re a very sociable and friendly bunch and new Striders are always made to feel very welcome ? we?d love to have you join us! To find out more and/or to book on to one of our sessions, please call Karen on 01702 662 412 or email

We look forward to Striding with you soon!

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