Help While Recovering from Illness

If you have been in hospital or unwell at home, our CIS (Complex Intervention Service) will assess you to see if you need any support in regaining your independence at home.

We can also give you information about how to get help with things like laundry, benefits and form filling, medication, day care, shopping aids and equipment, housework, private meals, and education and new skills.

What happens next?

  • following your assessment with CISÿif you need ongoing support, we will help you complete an assessment form
  • we will then provide you with a care plan to ensure your care needs are met
  • our aim is to help you get your independence back as quickly as possible and we will carry out regular assessments during your time with CIS to see how you are progressing. Your visits may increase or decrease during this assessment period

If, following assessment, you do not qualify for support we will give you advice and information about support groups who may be able to help.

Contact Adult Social Care

Telephone:ÿ01702 215008

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Opening Times

Hours of operation - 07.00 - 23.00 365 days a year New admissions/referrals accepted 08.00 - 20.00 seven days per week


01702 215008