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We are the Southend Street Pastors and we are out most Fridays and Saturdays in the High Street and seafront making sure that everyone is safe, having a good time and to assist in a variety of ways.

We are all Christians and want to serve our local community with God’s love and this is one way of doing so.

We also run the Suspended Coffee scheme in Utopia and Ankes Cafe where you can pay for a suspended coffee and then a rough sleeper can go and claim it as it has been paid for. One rough sleeper recently spoke to me and says he claims one daily and that it is the 10/15 minutes of the day he looks forward to the most as it in that time that his dignity returns to him.

God bless you all.



Opening Times
Fri and Sat 10pm-4am
Service Area
01702 556140 / 07768 261938
Contact Name
Peter Courtenay
Address Line 1
84 Olive Avenue
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