Every week we record one hour of local news taken from the Echo and other local newspapers.

The news is recorded onto CDs or USB memory sticks which are sent out in zipped plastic wallets to people with vision impairment.

We record on Thursday evenings. The recordings are posted out on Fridays and our listeners should receive them on Saturday morning.

Every three weeks there is a second recording included. This is either our Magazine issue, another hour filled with interesting feature articles from the Essex area and beyond, or our Information Bulletin providing useful information which we hope will be both helpful and interesting for our listeners.

The postal wallet holds an address card on the front. Our address is on the back of that card. Our listeners are asked to slide the card out, turn it over and replace it behind the clear plastic ‘window’ and post it back to us. There is no postage to pay. The memory sticks are re-used and the CDs are taken to a recycling plant.

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1 Church Road,




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01702 898900