A Domestic Abuse & Counselling Charity

The Change Project is a charity that works to protect victims by educating perpetrators (people who use abuse) to bring about behaviour change and to help people understand what domestic abuse is so that we reduce domestic abuse and the effect it has in the community.

We deliver interventions at all risk levels through group and individual work.ÿ All of our services are voluntary and we work to move perpetrators from contemplation to action.

Alongside the group and individual work we also offer have an Integrated Support Service that provides support to victim survivors.

For more information and to make a referral please visit www.thechange-project.org

Our charity has been delivering Respect accreditedÿdomestic violence perpetrator programmesÿsince 2009. Through the behavioural change of the abuser we aim to increase the well-being of people who are, or have been, living with conflict or domestic violence & abuse.


    • We provideÿcounsellingÿto promote well being by enabling people to have healthy relationships in families, between individuals, and in the community.


    • We addressÿsexual problemsÿthrough counselling and psychosexual therapy covering all aspects of intimate relationships.


    • We enableÿyoung peopleÿto develop healthy balanced relationships in later life through a range of therapeutic services, drama based workshops in schools.


    • We deliverÿtrainingÿto professionals and the wider public about relationships in conflict.




      Not just domestic violence?

      The Change Projectÿare a team of highly trained professionals that will work with you and your ex/partner to create the best solution for your situation, this couldÿmean joint counselling, individually or within a group programme.

      We will take things at a pace that you are comfortable with and everything you say toÿour friendly, approachable members of staff will remain confidential.ÿWe are here to help, not to judge.


      We are BACP accredited, a recognised quality standard for organisations providing counselling and psychotherapy. Achieving it demonstrates that we offer an ethical and professional counselling service for clients, staff, volunteers and stakeholders.


      We are holders of the Help and Support for Separated Families (HSSF) Mark. This shows that our services support parents to work together to resolve disputes and help them focus on the interests of their children.

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Location & Contact Details


c/o Chelmsford CVS

Burgess Well House

Coval Lane




0845 372 7701