Active Listening

Organised by: ABSS & Triceratops Training

Date From: 6 March, 2025

Date To: 6 March, 2025

From: 1:00 pm

To: 2:00 pm

Price: FREE

Location: Online via Teams

An introduction to what active listening is, why it is effective, and what can be done to improve this skill.

Active listening can help a person appear engaged and trustworthy, whilst helping them gain a deeper understanding of an issue or situation. It helps you to avoid conflict and misunderstandings. It can positively impact your productivity and relationships. It’s important for people to feel listened to when they’re talking, and active listening ensures that this happens!

By coming to this session, attendees will:

  • Understand what active listening is
  • Understand the benefits and rewards of practising active listening
  • Be ready to take your new active listening knowledge and put it into action
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