Narrative Therapy & Responding to Burnout

Organised by: SAVS & The Sycamore Private Practise

Date From: 14/10/2023

Date To: 14/10/2023

From: 9:30 am

To: 4:30 pm

Price: 77

Location: SAVS

Saturday 14th October 2023 | 9:30am to 4:30pm | at SAVS | £77 per person, paid in advance when booking.

A 6 hour CPD training for any practitioner/professional that works with people. This unique CPD day will provide you with an interactive and immersive experience of narrative therapy that will enhance any support work you are providing.

If you are unsure if this is the right training is for you, please do get in touch.

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This event is delivered by Dr. Chancy Marsh, Chartered Clinical Psychologist and Psychodynamic Psychotherapist – The Sycamore Private Practice.

This is a call to action for any practitioner that works with people. No matter your age, job title or experience. This unique CPD day will provide you with an interactive and immersive experience of narrative therapy whilst also encouraging you to reflect on your relationship to your work, the professional identities you co-create and share and reconnect you to your values that underpin what you do. This CPD event will then strengthen your ability to respond to burnout in a heartfelt and empowering way.

What you will do

  • Time will be spent connecting to the metaphor of the tree and the forest, which is an important aspect of this creative technique that helps to facilitate the exploration of our ‘preferred stories of our working lives’.
  • Participants will be invited to take part in the tree of life workshop, draw their own tree and share their trees with others to build a forest. The forest is about strengthening connections with others and to reflect on the collective resources that can be accessed to help ‘weather the storms’.
  • Trees are then displayed for the rest of the group and stories shared amongst members as part of a ‘Forest of life’. Participants are then invited to consider how the different aspects of their trees can be sustained through adversity or ‘The Storms of Life’. Finally, ‘Certificates’ facilitate the sharing and celebration of stories and we look at the ways a individuals can document key aspects of preferred stories of working together and how ‘stories told are stories lived’.

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn about a new creative model of development based on Narrative Therapy and the Tree of Life model.
  • Reflect on our relationship to our work, our identity at work and how this is influenced by our colleagues, teams and services.
  • Reconnect to the values and principles that brought us to this work in the first place.
  • Build stronger working relationships with our colleagues by sharing stories based on our strengths and resources and the history of these stories.
  • Consider the role of our culture in developing our ‘selves’ at work and relationships with others.
  • Develop a sense of work community, and support network to help weather the storms of work together.

Your Facilitator:

Dr. Chancy Marsh

“Hello, I am Dr. Chancy Marsh, a Chartered Clinical Psychologist and Psychodynamic Psychotherapist. I have my own private practice and work clinically with adults and children on a wide range of mental health difficulties across the life span. Lives are full of constantly changing roles and stages and having a thoughtful space in which to make sense out of those experiences is incredibly helpful.

I started working within the NHS in 2008 and have worked in community and psychiatric inpatient hospitals across East London and Essex. I am grateful for my time working in secondary mental health care and wanted to take the experience I had gained and develop a community-based approach to therapy which includes training and supervising other therapists and 3rd sector agencies as well as delivering group events and workshops to the general public. There is no greater gift in life than to help someone understand what has happened to them.

Recent teaching events include: Working with complex needs, complex trauma (otherwise known as emotionally unstable personality disorder). Unconscious attachment between Mother and baby, Attachment and Relationships, Perinatal Mental Health, Psychodynamic Psychotherapy and Narrative therapy, including the tree of life model for individuals, groups, parenthood, bereavement & loss and for professionals.”

If you would like to know more or get in touch please do at

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