Reclaim the Night Southend

Organised by: Safe Steps & The Ironworks Southend

Date From: 6 December, 2023

Date To: 6 December, 2023

From: 2:00 pm

To: 10:00 pm

Price: 0

Location: The Ironworks Southend

Southend Domestic Abuse Provider Safe Steps is working with partners to create an event to mark the 16 days of action to end Violence Against Women and Girls (which starts on 25th November).

The event will be hosted on 6th December 2023 at the Ironworks. The event is called ‘Reclaim the Night Southend’

The event itself will start at 2pm at the Ironworks. At approximately 5:30pm people from the event will march from the Odeon, through the High Street, past Ironworks towards the Seafront/Cliffs. It is estimated an hour. An afterparty is scheduled for 630pm-10pm at the Ironworks.

The march is aimed to;

  • Give everyone the right to feel safe
  • Demand the end of sexual assault, rape, and all forms of men’s violence and harassment against women and girls
  • Demand the end of victim-blaming those who experience sexual assault, rape, violence and harassment
  • Reclaim our streets and raise awareness for safety at night for everyone
  • Help send a message to our leaders that citizens, residents and voters care about women’s safety.
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