SSIF Seminar – Transitions Up to End of School Year 8

Organised by: Southend SEND Independent Forum

Date From: 20 May, 2024

Date To: 20 May, 2024

From: 9:00 am

To: 12:30 pm

Price: Free

Location: Civic Centre - Jubilee Room

This seminar is aimed at Parent Carers of children with SEND up to end of school year 8 who may need information and support regarding the different transitions your child will encounter. In this case when we say ‘transition’, we mean things like:
  • Starting nursery or pre-school
  • Starting primary school
  • Starting secondary school
We also mean any ‘Key Stage’ transitions – for example – the move from Early Years to Key Stage 1, or from Key Stage 1 to Key Stage 2 and so on.
We have a panel of professionals from the SEND Team, the School Nursing Team and The School Attendance and Inclusion Team. They will talk about how they can support you and your child through their various transitions.
We are inviting Parent Carers to submit any questions they have for the panel by Thursday 9th May 2024, via email.
There will also be an opportunity for people to participate in a co-production session to develop a useful route map/flow chart of the transitions process.

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