Folk Like Us Launched!

Folk Like Us Launched!

10th August 2015

Turning Tides and Southend Association of Voluntary Services are launching a new project called Folk like Us. ‘Folk like Us’ will provide support and information to isolated and loneliness elderly residents living in Southend was  launched on Friday 7th August 2015 at SAVS Centre.

This new initiative will be delivered through Turning Tides; a project managed by Southend Association of Voluntary Services and has been funded through The Big Lottery Reaching Communities Fund. The project is funded for 3 years ending March 2018.

The aim of the “Folk like Us” project is to reduce isolation and disadvantage that many older people in Southend experience because of a lack of access to and knowledge about social activities and information to improve their quality of life.

We want to ensure that older people in Southend are able to access information and assistance to attend and participate in social activities with others, because we believe that this will help to reduce isolation.  Support for older people to access information is provided, including help with IT and one-to-one advice and support, as we believe that through the provision of information they can improve their quality of life.

HUB Service

The HUB located on the ground floor of the SAVS Centre is open for visits Monday-Friday 10am to 2pm  and delivered by Turning Tides Team Leaders who have a vast knowledge of services and organisations in Southend and years of experience working with the community to improve quality of life. Home visits will be made to those with restricted mobility that can not access the HUB.

To find out more or make a visit to the team or to join as a volunteer please call the Turning Tides Team on 01702 356070 or alternatively email

Alison Semmence, SAVS Chief Executive said:  We are very excited to be launching this new service as we believe it will change the lives of older people in our town for the better.  There are too many isolated and lonely people – our aim is to stop this.”

Anthony Quinn, Turning Tides Manager said: “ We have already had over 80 older people register with us in one month alone so we know this is a service that is much needed.  We now have dedicated resources to carryout the important work that can make a difference”

William Webb Guest of Honour aged 104 said: “I am delighted to have been asked to officially open the project. I believe it will make a great difference to many people” “I enjoy getting out and meeting people and this project will give social opportunities to others”