Funding Opportunities W/E 11th October 2019

Funding Opportunities W/E 11th October 2019

Funding Opportunities W/E 11th October 2019

Grants for Families Facing Financial Hardship Whilst Caring for a Child with a Serious Illness (Closing date 31st October 2019)

Marvelous Family Grants are awarded to families facing financial hardship whilst caring for a child with a serious illness. Grants of up to £1,000 per child can fund a variety of essential items and services including (but not limited to) specialist equipment, creative therapies, hospital travel expenses, everyday items to improve the child’s quality of life, attending medical/support group conference, social activities and memberships.
Marvellous Family grants are open to any family residing in the UK with a child who has a serious illness that could be life-limiting as described by the following criteria:
• Group 1 – Life threatening conditions for which curative treatment may be feasible but can fail (e.g. epilepsy, irreversible organ failures of heart, liver, kidneys.)
• Group 2 – Conditions where premature death is inevitable (e.g. cystic fibrosis.)
• Group 3 – Progressive conditions without curative treatment options (e.g. Batten disease, mucopolysaccaridoses, muscular dystrophy.)
• Group 4 – Irreversible but non-progressive conditions causing severe disability leading to susceptibility to health complications and likelihood of premature death (e.g. sickle cell disease, cerebral palsy, multiple disabilities such as brain or spinal cord insult.)
• Group 5 – Syndromes without a name (SWAN) causing severe, chronic disability or illness.
Applications must be completed by health or social care professionals on behalf the family and are considered at monthly meetings.
The application deadline for the next meeting is 12pm on the 31st October 2019.

Nature Grants for Schools (Closing date 22nd November 2019)

Infant, Primary and Secondary schools in England, Scotland and Wales are being invited to apply for up to £500 worth of free outdoor equipment and two hours of professional outdoor training as part of the third instalment of Local School Nature Grants.
Schools can choose from over 100 different products to deliver outdoor learning and play. These include:
• Den Building Kits
• Small Spaces Planters
• Insect Study Centres
• Litter Picking Kits
• Investigating Weather Kits
The funding is being made available through the charity Learning through Landscapes Local School Nature Grant scheme. The charity has been helping schools across Great Britain since 2017. Funded by the players of People’s Postcode Lottery, the grants have so far provided £900,000 worth of equipment to 800 schools. This year it will reach a further 500 schools.
This year, the scheme is also open to non-mainstream schools; including pupil referral units.
The programme is only open to schools. Nurseries, Playgroups, Pre-Schools and gardening groups are not eligible. Reception settings attached to a school (i.e. on the same physical site) are eligible to apply in partnership with a school, but the school must lead the application.
There will be four funding rounds throughout the year and the next closing date for applications is the 22nd November 2019.
Interested schools can also email for further information.

Funding to Support Community Integration or Local Delivery of Services to the Armed Forces (Closing date 2nd December 2019)

Under the Armed Forces Covenant Local Grants programme, grants of up to £20,000 are available for local projects that support community integration or local delivery of services to the Armed Forces community.
Community Integration projects: Creating strong local links between the Armed Forces community (current and former members of their armed forces and their families) and civilian communities. Projects supported will be able to clearly demonstrate how they will overcome barriers to better integration and improve perceptions, attitudes and understanding. For the project to be truly effective in achieving community integration there should be shared development, delivery and benefits for both communities.
Delivery of Local Services projects: Local projects which offer financial advice, housing, mental and physical health, employability or social support for serving armed forces personnel, veterans, and their families. Projects must be well connected, both to their beneficiaries and to other relevant organisations, and be able to demonstrate how the services they provide will be well-publicised, accessible and joined up.
Registered charities, local authorities, schools or other statutory organisations, Community Interest Companies or armed forces units are all eligible to apply.
Apply at any time up to the 2nd December 2019.

High Sheriff Calls for Applications (Essex) (Closing date 2nd December 2019)

Voluntary and community organisations in Essex can now apply for grants of up to £5,000 for community initiatives that address crime, community safety and anti-social behaviour. The funding has been made available from the High Sheriff’s Fund which is being managed by the Essex Community Foundation.
Projects that have received funding previously include a personal safety scheme for older people, educating young people about the dangers of carrying a knife and a project to deter drug and alcohol abuse.
A phone in Funding surgery will be held on the 5th November and the closing date for applications is the 2nd December 2019.

Funding to Enhance the Quality of Life for People in Need

Registered charities, Hospices and state schools catering wholly for students with additional needs, can apply for grants to support their work that enhances the quality of life for people in need, specifically the mentally and physically disabled. Priority is given to small and medium size charities making a significant impact in their community and who may lack the time and resources to be able to focus on their fundraising.
The Edward Gostling Foundation’s grants are awarded to projects that have a significant impact across one or more of four life “themes” and priority is given to organisations that clearly demonstrate this within their application for grant funding, these are: Health and Wellbeing; Independent Living at Home; Respite; and Transition.
Grants can support:
• Modifications to homes, state schools (wholly for students with additional needs), hospices etc
• The provision of specialist equipment such as the provision of specialised wheelchairs, other mobility aids and equipment including medical equipment to assist independent living
• Financial assistance towards the cost of short-term respite breaks at a registered respite centre.
Grants are awarded through two programmes:
• A fast-track Small Grants Programme for applications under £5,000
• A Large Grants Programme for applications of £5,000 or over.
There are no application deadlines; applications can be submitted at any time.

Foyle Foundation Schools Library Programme

State funded schools as well as dedicated schools that do not have or want to improve their libraries can apply for funding through the Foyle Foundation Schools Library Programme. Priority will be given to primary schools and to funding library books. Secondary schools are eligible, but primary schools are a higher priority. The Foundation will also consider contributions towards e-readers, library software, necessary IT equipment and specialist seating/desks.
Preference will be given to schools which can clearly demonstrate that their library can be maintained and renewed in the future. Applications can be made for grants of between £1,000 and £10,000. Applications will be strengthened if the PTA/Friends group can support the project.
Applications can be submitted at any time.