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Published on: June 5, 2023

Rob Carvosso, Shoebury – Sponsored by Shoebury Residents Association

Rob said, “The Shoebury Community Network event took place at Shoebury Youth Centre at the end of May, attracting a substantial turnout from local community groups, residents, and organisations from neighbouring areas. Attendees had the opportunity to engage in conversations while enjoying coffee and cake, while also gaining insight into the accomplishments of various local groups. Notably, the MTS workshop, Red Hot Stitchers, and Norton Place Garden group showcased their impressive creations, products, and horticultural achievements. Adding to the vibrant atmosphere, local musician Dave Gellett provided delightful musical performances throughout the morning.

During the event, Peter Lovett, representing the Shoeburyness Resident Association, and I engaged in discussions regarding the Small Sparks scheme. If you possess an idea to foster community growth, this scheme may be of interest to you.”

Kayleigh said, “Rob did an exceptional job organising this networking event, which not only featured live music but also had a significant turnout. The attendees had the opportunity to make valuable connections with other professionals, resulting in a highly successful event. It was remarkable to witness the exchange of ideas and perspectives about Shoebury and it’s surrounding community, highlighting the collective commitment to supporting one another.”

Chiquitta said, “I was thoroughly impressed by the attendance at Rob’s event, which demonstrated meticulous planning and a remarkable number of participants. This fantastic turnout clearly signifies a significant level of investment and concern among individuals for the Shoebury community. The inclusion of community groups showcasing their activities and the manner in which they contribute to their local area proved to be highly advantageous, allowing attendees to establish meaningful connections and witness firsthand the tangible impact these groups have on the community.”

Get in touch with Rob:
07534 337503

Chiquitta Bruce, Milton – Sponsored by Milton Community Partnership


Get in touch with Chiquitta:
07534 312867

Kayleigh Wilkins, Victoria – Sponsored by St Vincent’s Southend

Kayleigh said “On 30th May, we attended the Queensway Community BBQ at Storehouse, providing an opportunity for local residents to gather and enjoy food, music, and various activities together. The event was organised by a dedicated local resident who also collaborates with Get The Kids Out, South Essex Homes, and TrustLinks. A delightful ambience was created with Salvo The Clown, crafting balloon animals for the children, a skilled local face painter, and a talented local DJ. The festivities included a mouthwatering BBQ and a plethora of engaging activities for children to partake in. Witnessing the unity and collective effort of the community was truly inspiring, and I am eagerly looking forward to more events like this in the future. It was heartwarming to observe families coming together and enjoying the occasion, further highlighting the positive impact of collaborative community endeavours.”

Get in touch with Kayleigh:
07534 876274

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