Good News Stories from our Community Builders (January 2024)

Published on: February 1, 2024

Chiquitta Bruce, Milton – Sponsored by Milton Community Partnership

Embracing the New Year with purpose, saw Eco Days community session, (hosted by Fiona from Trust Links) embark on a creative way to repurpose old items, in the form of creating a mood board inspired frames.

The sessions was a blend of fun, imagination and Eco days commitment to encourage sustainable living. It was not only a space where people with mutual interest in the environment could find fun ways to reuse old items but where they could also make new friends and strengthen existing ones. The repurposing of items, saw what would have been discarded materials transform into beautiful art, where self expression and the joy of creating something unique was encouraged and celebrated.

By embracing such initiatives, communities can set a positive tone for the year ahead, make positive impact on our environment, develop talents and foster meaningful connections.


Get in touch with Chiquitta:
07534 312867


Eda Deramchia, Shoebury – Sponsored by Shoebury Residents Association

I regularly visit members of Folk Like Us ( FLU ) who attend a weekly session every Monday between 10 am – 2 pm at the Hub151 in West Road.

This humble and much needed project is run by the amazing SAVS team (Heather, Lee, Paul and Sarah) who are always so friendly and welcoming.

The project is a free service providing support and advice to people over the age of 55 living in Southend and are experiencing loneliness and isolation.

People are welcome to join the session and enjoy a warm space , tea/coffee and biscuits while enjoying conversations amongst others and the SAVS team . It is also an excellent opportunity for sharing information about services happening in the local area.

There are 3 more hubs, apart from the one in Shoebury, which any of the members can access:

  • Central Hub (Mon- Fri)
  • Muddy Hub (Seasonal)
  • Sandy Hub (Seasonal)

The Shoebury group is not a huge group  however is a stable and consistent one. The members have become very close friends outside the hub. It is lovely to see this happening as a result of attending this project.I witness these friendships building as I bump into them socialising when I am out and about or attending other local community events. This is exactly what is all about!

Every single member I talk to loves coming and looks forward to the Monday’s session every single week, some of these members will not have any other interaction or conversation with anyone else for the rest of the day or in same cases a few days which emphasises to us all the importance of projects like this for the wellbeing of the elderly generation.

This is a generation which should feel loved and respected and that is why this is such a worthwhile and valued project in anywhere but even more so here in Shoeburyness where local residents are so proud and passionate about the community and value a true sense of community spirit.

I encourage and look forward to more and more projects similar to this one in our local communities!

Get in touch with Eda:
07534 337503

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