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Published on: August 29, 2023

In a world where individuals face various challenges related to addiction and mental health, Open Road stands tall as a beacon of hope, offering a wide range of support services. With their commitment to empowering individuals and communities, Open Road has become a trusted organisation in the field of substance misuse and recovery. This post provides an insightful summary of Open Road’s diverse services, highlighting their dedication to fostering positive change and supporting individuals on their journey to recovery.

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Open Road Services

Recovery Support:
Open Road’s Recovery Support services form the core of their offerings. They provide a safe and supportive environment for individuals seeking to overcome addiction and maintain long-term recovery. Through one-on-one support, group therapy sessions, and counseling, Open Road’s team of experienced professionals guide individuals towards embracing healthier lifestyles, building resilience, and reclaiming control of their lives.

Outreach Programs:
Understanding the importance of reaching out to communities, Open Road extends it’s services beyond their centers. They actively engage with local communities through outreach programs, ensuring that support is readily available to those who may not have access to conventional treatment services. By partnering with community organisations and implementing innovative outreach strategies, Open Road aims to break barriers and provide assistance to a wider range of individuals.

Young People’s Services:
Open Road recognises that young people face unique challenges related to substance misuse and mental health. Through their Young People’s Services, they offer age-appropriate support and interventions tailored to the needs of adolescents and young adults. Their dedicated team works closely with schools, youth clubs, and other organisations to educate and empower young people, enabling them to make informed decisions and build a positive future.

Criminal Justice Support:
Open Road plays a vital role in supporting individuals involved in the criminal justice system. Their comprehensive Criminal Justice Support services offer practical assistance to individuals dealing with addiction and related issues. From providing support during custody and through the transition into the community, Open Road’s team ensures that individuals have the tools and resources needed to break free from the cycle of offending and substance misuse.

Training and Education:
Open Road believes in the power of knowledge and strives to enhance the capacity of professionals and communities to address addiction and mental health issues effectively. They offer a range of training and educational programs designed to equip individuals, organisations, and service providers with the necessary skills and knowledge. Through these initiatives, Open Road aims to create a network of compassionate and well-informed individuals committed to making a positive impact.

Open Road’s comprehensive range of services reflects their dedication to empowering individuals and communities on the path to recovery. Whether through their Recovery Support, Outreach Programs, Young People’s Services, Criminal Justice Support, or Training and Education initiatives, Open Road continues to make a significant difference in the lives of those affected by addiction and mental health issues. With their compassionate approach, expertise, and commitment to positive change, Open Road stands as a beacon of hope and support, guiding individuals towards a healthier and brighter future.

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Contact Details:

0844 499 1323 – Open Road is available between 09:00-17:30 Monday to Friday excluding bank holidays.
Calls cost 7p per minute + standard network rate.

You can contact our centres direct:

Basildon – 01268 531435
Chelmsford – 01245 284772
Clacton – 01255 434186
Colchester – 01206 766096
Harlow – 01279 434621
Medway Young Persons – 01634 566285
Medway Wellness – 01634 471700

Our head office address is:
12 North Hill

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