Parent Champion Stories: Charlie

Parent Champion Stories: Charlie

Parent Champion Stories: Charlie

Charlie has been involved with in the project for seven Months. Charlie has completed the Parent Champion training and is involved in every aspect to do with the A Better Start Southend.

She describes herself as a single parent to two girls. The girls are varied in age from one that is 15 years old and the other is 3 years old. Charlie works part time.

Charlie felt she had a lot of spare time to really focus her attention on something other than parenting and work. This is when she got involved with the project. She felt that she lacked confidence in certain areas. By focusing her time on the project her confidence in her own ability and what can be achieved has massively grown. Charlie has always been keen to enhance her personal skill set as well as use her knowledge to help others.

Being out of the house and being busy enables Charlie be happier in herself and for the children. Utilizing the skills set she already has whilst learning new ones.

Charlie now feels more comfortable in social environments and a lot more confident. Charlie has learnt to understand professionals and the way systems work and is able to communicate well to them.

Charlie feels there is still much to learn focusing around Diet and Nutrition, she hopes to attend the next Henry courses available to enhance her knowledge.

Charlie’s view on the project is brilliant. Fully understanding the concept of what is trying to be achieved. By completing the Parent Champion training Charlie is able to attend lots of different meeting around the project. This gives Charlie a hand on approach to what is being done and already achieved.

Charlie loves being able to influence the change happening in the project. Being a parent enables her to bring a different perspective completely.

One of my highlights from being involved with the project is meeting the staff and the friendships I have formed with other parents. From being quiet shut off from socializing to now forming friendships with like minded families with in my own community.

Charlie understands that some of the changes will take time to achieve. But the overall outcome is completely worth the time and effort from everyone involved.

Charlie hopes that more parents will become involved in the project to make a better future for our 0-4 year olds and community.

Our ‘Parent Champion Stories’ series aims to share the experiences and stories of the wonderful Parent Champions who volunteer for the A Better Start Southend project. Without these creative, forward thinking and inspiring parents, the project would simply not exist. Turning Tides would like to thank Charlie and all of the Parent Champions who we get to work with, for helping to improve the future for the children of Southend.

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