The Change Hub – Service Overview

Published on: April 4, 2024

The Change Hub is a community domestic abuse service in Southend, Essex and Thurrock for domestic abuse perpetrators – or those at risk of perpetrating domestic abuse – aged 16 or above who want to make positive changes in how they behave in relationships with others, regardless of background, gender, ethnicity or sexuality.

Domestic Violence Awareness Practitioners (DVAP) deliver one-to-one behaviour change interventions matched to the level of risk and the client’s individual circumstances. Victims/survivors are offered support throughout our interventions by our in-house Integrated Support Service (ISS).

A multi-agency approach to managing risk is core to the Change Hub. We work closely with a wide range of statutory/non-statutory agencies to enable perpetrators to access interventions to address their abusive behaviour, support change, and safeguard victims/survivors and children.

Engagement with the Change Hub and ISS – including clients referred by statutory services – is considered voluntary.

Referral pathways and suitability criteria

Referrals are welcomed from all statutory and non-statutory agencies, and Multi Agency Risk Assessment Conferences (MARAC) subject to suitability. Clients can also self-referral.

Change Hub referrals from professionals require the client’s consent. Where possible, the referral should also be discussed with victims/survivors in advance. We do not accept referrals for clients subject to a current Criminal/Family Court mandated requirement to complete a domestic abuse perpetrator programme (DAPP) unless the substantive progamme has been completed.

Intervention structure

Information gathered at the point of referral and during the initial face-to-face assessment is used to inform the level of intervention each client is offered.

Level 1

  • Up to 7 sessions
  • Early intervention/Relapse Prevention focus
  • Early intervention themes include but are not limited to – Domestic Abuse awareness; Signals/Triggers; Time Out; Effects of Domestic Violence/Abuse; Brief Intervention (Alcohol)
  • Relapse prevention seeks to build on previous learning (e.g. DAPP) and enhance safety planning and support maintenance of non-abusive strategies/build resilience
  • Clients are actively encouraged to access wider support services to further reduce risk escalation

Level 2

  • Up to 16 semi-structured Behaviour Change sessions
  • Themes include but are not limited to – Signals/Triggers; Time Out; Self Control; Non-Abusive Conflict Resolution; Unhelpful beliefs and attitudes; Emotional Management; Coping with a relationship breakdown and/or Letting Go; Assertive Communication; Understanding the effects of domestic abuse on victims/survivors; Understanding the effects of domestic abuse on children; Impact of substance (mis)use/mental (ill)health on behaviour and risk; Pre/Post-birth safety planning (perpetrator); Understanding and adhering to prohibitive conditions (e.g. Non-Molestation Order)
  • Clients are actively encouraged to access relevant support services – employment, mental health, substance misuse, housing etc. – to further reduce risk escalation

Level 3

  • Suitable for clients posing high risk and/or have an entrenched history of domestic abuse
  • Structured Domestic Abuse Perpetrator Programme (DAPP)


The Change Project Integrated Support Service (ISS)

Victims/survivors are referred to the ISS when a Change Hub client is offered an intervention. The ISS plays a vital role in monitoring the impact of the intervention and changes in risk, and providing additional support to victims/survivors. The ISS work closely with commissioned Domestic Abuse services in Southend, Essex and Thurrock, and with the victim/survivor’s consent, share information to reduce duplication, and enhance risk management and safety planning.

The allocated Integrated Support Practitioner (ISP) maintains regular telephone contact and completes a Safe Lives Severity of Abuse (SOA) assessment at the start/end of an intervention to determine impact and victim/survivor outcomes.

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