Triple T’s Club Buddies

Triple T’s Club Buddies

There were proud smiles all round this week when Club Buddies from the Triple T’s Youth Club were awarded with their achievement certificates. The certificates marked their progress in the Triple T’s Club Buddy Scheme which is targeted at young teenagers who volunteer at the Children in Need funded Youth Clubs on 3 of Southend’s Estates.

The Buddy Scheme aims to build responsibility, confidence and leadership skills in young people who have previously been members of the Triple T’s club.

Anthony Quinn, Turning Tides Manager said,

“It’s great to be able to recognise the hard work and dedication these inspiring young people have put back into the clubs that some of them have previously been members of for years. Our main focus for the Triple T’s Youth Clubs has always been to provide an environment of support and encouragement and moments like this reflect that.”

The Triple T’s Youth Clubs are delivered in 3 locations in Southend each week to around 80 children.

The project, run by the Turning Tides Team at Southend Association of Voluntary Services (SAVS), is funded by Children in Need to improve confidence, increase community engagement and educate about risks for disadvantaged children aged between 8-13. The clubs deliver a programme of activities which include arts and crafts, interactive workshops, educational visits, drama and even trips and holidays away.