There are several ways to support a charity or community group. You may be ready to volunteer straight away. You may prefer to have some support to get ready to volunteer. Or the 'Time Bank' volunteering option may be perfect for you. Find out about the options here.

Ready to Volunteer?

Volunteer Centre Southend – Tel: 01702 356060 or email

What We Do

The Volunteer Centre is a project of SAVS and works closely with the other Volunteer Centres in Essex as part of Volunteer Essex.

We work with charities, community groups and other not for profit organisations to help them find volunteers and we help anyone interested in volunteering find the right volunteering role for them.

Would you like to Volunteer?

If you are thinking of volunteering or would like to find out more, you can either visit the website  or get in touch with us by calling 01702 356060 or emailing

We would love to hear from you and, when you are ready to get started with volunteering, we can arrange for you to come in for a chat to get some ideas about what you can do. There’s an amazing range of opportunities out there and lots of causes that really need your help.

Are you looking for volunteers for your group?

Are you a voluntary or community group looking for volunteers? Or if you are thinking about starting to involve volunteers in your activities for the first time, the Volunteer Centre can help you. We provide guidance and advice to make sure that volunteers have a safe, happy and enjoyable volunteering experience. We can help you find volunteers by publicising your roles in many ways, both online and here at the Volunteer Centre and all these services are free.

To find out more about how the Volunteer Centre can help you promote your volunteer roles, including making the most of the Volunteer Essex website, please get in touch and let us start helping you today.

Training and Information for Volunteer Managers

If you look after volunteers for your organisation, we offer a wealth of advice and the chance to get together with other Volunteer Managers and share experiences and information.

These are not only great for people new to the volunteer management role but also a useful refresher for those who have been volunteer managers for years. To find out more and make a booking, visit our training course page.

The Volunteer Centre Southend offers two essential training courses which are held regularly throughout the year. These are Recruiting Volunteers and Retaining Volunteers.

We also hold regular Volunteer Organisers Forums. These present an opportunity for organisations and groups that involve volunteers to get together, network and learn from each other. It is also a chance for groups to improve their volunteering ‘best practice’ and to keep up to date with volunteering protocol.

SAVS Supported Volunteering Project

Do you struggle with low self-esteem, anxiety or isolation? Or have you experienced mental ill health? Would you like support to start volunteering?

The Supported Volunteering Project could be right for you

  • If you are a looking for a volunteer role and have experienced mental ill health.
  • If you are an organisation that would like to take on a volunteer with extra support needs.
  • If you would like to refer someone who may have experienced mental ill health.

Volunteering can offer you:

  • increased self confidence
  • a chance to gain new skills
  • an opportunity to make new friends
  • the chance to get involved in something more enjoyable
  • and much more…

If you are interested please contact the Project Support Worker – Rachel Rooks or complete this form and we will contact you.
Telephone: 01702 356021

About Supported Volunteering

This project, which is funded by the Big Lottery Fund, will support people who may have some experience of mental ill health.

Our aim is to give volunteers quality one on one support to increase confidence and self-worth, to provide training to highlight skills and experience and help to identify the type of volunteering the volunteer would like to pursue.

We also aim to break down the myths and stigma that surround mental ill health, helping both the prospective volunteers, and organisations that host them, overcome any issues.

Timebank Volunteering

Time bank volunteering is about people helping people. It’s a community of people who provide a supportive network sharing their skills, using time as a unit of credit. For every hour you spend helping someone you earn one-time bank credit. You can then use this credit to ask someone for an hour of their time, or donate them to the Community Pot for someone who is unable to earn their own hours.

We are looking for community-minded groups and organisations to join the Southend Time Bank. Help us make Southend a better place, one hour at a time!

It’s free to become a member of the Time Bank and it’s open to anyone regardless of age, ability, skills or situation. We have people with all kinds of skills registered with us, from teaching a musical instrument to gardening, from dog walking to befriending. Time bank members only do what they want, when they want and are under no obligation or commitment.  It’s an excellent way to get into volunteering without any regular commitment.  Everyone has different skills and talents to offer and all are valued equally.


If you’d like to find out more, please contact us on 01702 356060 or, or visit and select Southend Time Bank from the ‘Time and Talents’ drop-down on the top right hand side of the page.