Weekly Funding Opportunities – W/E 25th October 2019

Weekly Funding Opportunities – W/E 25th October 2019

Weekly Funding Opportunities – W/E 25th October 2019

Funding to Support Vulnerable Young Migrants (Closing date 1st November 2019)

Not for profit organisations and private law firms that work with young migrants can apply for grants through the Strategic Legal Fund (SLF) for Vulnerable Young Migrants.
The maximum grant available is £30,000, however, limited funding is available and therefore lower applications are encouraged. The average grant size is around £12,000. Grants are available to undertake strategic legal work to benefit children and young people (under the age of 25) who are significantly disadvantaged by migration status. The fund will accept applications in any area of law that affects:
• Vulnerable young migrants including immigration
• Asylum and asylum support
• Human rights
• Education; etc.
The SLF only funds two kinds of strategic legal action- pre-litigation research and “third party intervention” in an existing case. The maximum grant length is 12 months, and most grants are for around six months. For information on previously funded projects please click here.
The next closing date for applications is the 1st November 2019.


Masonic Charitable Foundation – Early Years Opportunities Grants Programme (Closing date 4th November 2019)

Charities in England and Wales can apply for Early Years Opportunities Grants through the Masonic Charitable Foundation. The Early Years Opportunities programme is open to charities that help disadvantaged children and young people (up to the age of 25 years) overcome the barriers they face to achieve the best possible start in life.
Grants can be offered to charities that provide:
• Mental and physical health support
• Learning and development, including language and communication skills, social and emotional etc.
• Parental support, including whole family approach
• Pastoral and advocacy support
The type of activities that could be funded include:
• Additional educational opportunities such as improving literacy and numeracy
• Individual interventions, i.e. parent education, home visiting or mentoring
• Encouraging healthy behaviours with regards to diet, activity and wellbeing
• Psychological interventions for domestic abuse and behavioural issues etc.
• Provision of vital adaptive technologies and equipment removing barriers
Alternative methods or specialist therapies to help children and young people integrate into the mainstream education system.
The programme offers both small grants of up to £15,000 to charities with an annual income of up to £500,000 for projects lasting up to three years; and grants of between £10,000 and £150,000 to charities with an annual income of above £500,000 for projects lasting up to three years.
The next closing date for applications to the small grants programme is the 3rd January 2020. For large grants, the application closing date is the 4th November 2019.


Masonic Charitable Foundation Programme to Support Disadvantaged and Vulnerable Older People (Closing date 4th November 2019)

Local and national charities in England and Wales can apply to the Later Life Inclusions grants programme run by the Masonic Charitable Foundation. The Later Life Inclusion grants programme is open to charities working to reduce loneliness and isolation of vulnerable and disadvantaged people over 50.
Grants can be offered to charities that provide:
• Mental and physical health support
• Gateway and access to service, e.g. transport and technology
• Community based approaches, i.e. volunteering, positive ageing and neighbourhood support
• Advocacy, social and welfare support
The type of activities that could be funded include:
• Support for emotional and psychological planning for later life
• Digital inclusion sessions to enable older people to access services
• Activities and clubs enabling older people to remain active and make friends
• Providing companionship and befriending schemes for periods of transition
• Advice and information on options for those with health conditions
• Carers and respite support
The programme offers both small grants of up to £15,000 to charities with an annual income of up to £500,000 for projects lasting up to three years; and grants of between £10,000 and £150,000 to charities with an annual income of above £500,000 for projects lasting up to three years.
The next closing date for applications to the small grants programme is the 3rd January 2020. For large grants, the application closing date is the 4th November 2019.


OneFamily Foundation Community Awards (Closing date 5th November 2019)

The OneFamily Foundation has announced the next round of Community Grants will re-open for applications on the 29th October 2019. Through the Community Grants Programme OneFamily customers can nominate local groups, charities and good causes for a Community Award of £5,000. The grants can be used towards teaching members of the community vital skills; to purchase items for community use; funding towards the cost of running a charity/cause such as homeless charities, soup kitchens, befriending services, support groups, advice services and hospices; etc. Nominations are checked to make sure they meet the Foundation’s terms and conditions, and all eligible nominations will be entered into a computerised draw. Nominations will close on the 5th November 2019.


Grants of up to £5,000 Available for Local Community Projects (Closing date 11th November 2019)

The Charities Aid Foundation has announced that the Tourle Foundation Fund is open for applications. The CAF Tourle Foundation Fund seeks to award grants of up to £5,000 to local charitable organisations delivering services for local people within the UK. An example would be a charitable organisation set up by the community in a village, providing services to older people in isolation; a small community group on an estate providing drop in sessions for teenagers etc. To be eligible to apply, organisations must be able to evidence that the project will be delivered to local people and have an annual income of below £75,000. Priority will be given to organisations that find it difficult to attract mainstream funding. The closing date for applications is midnight on the 11th November 2019.


Nationwide Building Society Community Grants (Closing date 22nd November 2019)

Charities and other local organisations in the South West, South East, London, Central and East of England can apply for grants of up to £50,000 for projects to address local housing issues. Support is available for housing projects that seek to help the most vulnerable; for example, helping people to keep their homes in difficult times; or working to ensure people thrive within their home environment. Projects that have previously been supported include refurbishing derelict and empty homes in South East Cornwall and providing housing support to the homeless in Cambridge. The funding is being made available by the Nationwide Building Society’s Community Grants programme. The closing date for applications is the 22nd November 2019.


Funding for Young Athletes (Closing date 30th November 2019)

Talented able bodied and disabled British track and field athletes between 15 and 23 years old that are in financial need can now apply for funding from the Ron Pickering Memorial Fund. The fund exclusively supports young and deserving applicants in the sport of Athletics.
Since the fund was introduced a total of £2million has been awarded in small but significant grants to several thousand young British Athletes. Each grant is designed to make a difference, helping the recipients make the difficult transition from junior to senior level through support for equipment, specialist coaching or travel and importantly help build the athletes’ confidence and self-esteem through recognition. No minimum or maximum funding amounts are specified.
The closing date for applications is the 30th November 2019.


High Sheriff Calls for Applications (Essex – Phone-in Surgery 5th November – Closing date 2nd December 2019)

Voluntary and community organisations in Essex can now apply for grants of up to £5,000 for community initiatives that address crime, community safety and anti-social behaviour. The funding has been made available from the High Sheriff’s Fund which is being managed by the Essex Community Foundation.
Projects that have received funding previously include a personal safety scheme for older people, educating young people about the dangers of carrying a knife and a project to deter drug and alcohol abuse.
A phone in Funding surgery will be held on the 5th November and the closing date for applications is the 2nd December 2019.



£1 Million Available to Help Rough Sleepers this Winter (Closing date 6th December 2019)

Grants of up to £25,000 are available to frontline organisations to help end rough sleeping and to provide longer term solutions for people that are sleeping rough. Grants are available to provide additional accommodation during the period 1st December 2019 to the 31st March 2020 and / or to enhance the support provided in existing commissioned shelters to help rough sleepers secure a long-term move-on from shelters. This could include applications for training and workforce development or similar activities that enhance the quality of support provided in shelters. The funding is being made available through the £1 million Cold Weather Fund and is available to charitable organisations that are currently not commissioned by local authorities. The closing date for applications is the 6th December 2019.


Grants of up to £5,000 Available for Projects that Help the Homeless (Closing date 15th December 2019)

Help the Homeless makes grants of up to £5,000 to small and medium sized charitable organisations (with a turnover of less than £1 million) whose aim is to help homeless people return to the community and enabling them to resume a normal life.
Typically, such organisations may operate small or medium-sized residential or training facilities to assist homeless people.
The grants are available for capital costs.

The closing date for the next round of funding is the 15th December 2019.


Funding for Community Cohesion Projects

The Allen Lane Foundation’s Social Cohesion Programme, provides funding to support local communities in breaking down barriers and reduce tensions between different groups of people, and help to build a more cohesive and inclusive community. The aim of the funding is to:
• Proactively work towards building better community cohesion and trust, and encouraging respect and understanding in the local area
• Proactively promote the inclusion of marginalised groups and individuals in the life of the local community
• Fund work which breaks down barriers and tensions in the local community thereby reducing feelings of division and “them and us”.
The Foundation is seeking applications from community-led grassroots groups and organisations which have a focus of work being at a very local/community level, which could be a housing estate or distinct community. The Foundation is particularly concerned about divisions in communities that occurred around the 2016 Referendum and subsequently.
Applications will be particularly encouraged from areas of high deprivation but not exclusively and the Foundation is keen to support communities in coming up with their own solutions to local issues of division. New initiatives, those that may have been tried before or are on-going, are considered as long as the work has lasting benefits for those people the projects are aimed at.
No minimum or maximum grant levels are published. In 2018, of the 153 grants awarded 112 were single grants with the remainder being for two or three years. The majority ranged from £750 to £15,000.
Applications may be submitted at any time.
Potential applicants need to check their eligibility. Once this has been confirmed they will be directed to the application form.


London Southend Airport Charity Funding Application (Closing date 31st December 2019)

Due to the large numbers of requests received for donations and sponsorship, Stobart Group has developed a Charity Policy and each year they enter into a partnership to support a chosen charity.

Funding is awarded annually each January. Funding for the current years application is now open. All applications must be received through the below form by 31st December of that year to be considered for funding. All successful applicants will be phoned or contacted by post no later than 31st January of the following year.


Asda Foundation Grants for Local Community Projects

The Asda Foundation is committed to developing stronger, better connected, sustainable communities across the UK. The Significant Local Community Projects programme allows colleagues to nominate initiatives which will make a real long-term difference, benefiting the wider community and transforming communities to improve lives locally.
Awards are typically made to projects where:
• The charity or good cause has developed a relationship with the local store or home office at a grassroots level
• The work will tackle the underlying problems in the local community
• Community needs and aspirations are evident in the development of the project
• The project benefits the wider community not just a single user group
• There is a need for this facility locally
• It will make a real long-term difference and will transform the community, improving the lives of those who live there
Grants awarded have previously ranged from £2,600 – £32,000 (in 2017) although no minimum or maximum amounts are published.

Any charity/good cause wishing to apply should first approach their local store or home office to see if their project is something that the Community Champion would be willing to support. Applications can be submitted at any time.


Grants of up to £1,000 Available for Community Projects

Community groups, schools, health bodies and charities in England, Wales and Scotland can apply for funding of up to £1000 to support projects which benefit local communities. The types of projects funded can be very broad and will cover the direct costs needed to deliver the project.
This could include buying litter pickers and bags for a community clean-up days, plants, spades and forks to plant up a new community garden, the cost of a minibus for a day trip for a community group or the materials needed to paint a room at the local hospice.
Carriers for Causes funding is available to good causes within two miles of a One Stop Shop and is made available from the money raised from the 5p bag charge in One Stop stores.
Applications can be submitted at any time.


The Rank Foundation – Pebble Grants Programme

UK registered charities and recognised churches which are raising money for capital projects (building work, refurbishment or the purchase of long-term equipment) or a one-off short term activity (such as an annual respite break or holiday for disadvantaged young people) can apply for funding through the Rank Foundation – Pebble Grants programme.
To be eligible to apply the total project cost must be less than £1 million, the organisation must have an annual income of less than £500,000 and the organisation applying must already have raised a third of the total costs.
Applications can be submitted at any time and the Foundation is currently accepting applications for the January 2020 meeting of Trustees. Please note that the Foundation do not publish deadlines or maximum amounts as this is dependent on the number of applications received
Organisations can only apply once every 12 months regardless of the outcome of their application.


B&Q Community Reuse Scheme

DIY store B&Q operates a community re-use scheme through all its branches across the UK. The scheme donates unsellable products and materials for re-use by local schools, other educational institutions and community groups, for the benefit of the local community and the environment. All items are donated on the understanding that they will be re-used or disposed of responsibly if they are not used. Eligible groups include community garden projects, registered charities, schools and colleges, youth groups, Scouts and Guides, hospices, preschool groups and registered child minders.
B&Q also works with Community Repaint, a network of schemes that collects any surplus, re-usable paint and redistributes it within their communities to individuals and families on low income, charities and community groups. Charities, community groups, colleges or schools interested should get in touch with B&Q. B&Q will add the organisation’s details to their database of community groups. When a B&Q store has something to donate, they will use this list to get in touch with groups in their area.