This is a support group for run by and held for people that suffer with anxiety, worry, depression, low mood or any other mental health conditions in Southend-On-Sea and surrounding areas, Essex.ÿ This support group is a place where we can speak openly and support each other without discrimination or judgement.ÿ Sometimes just knowing that there is someone there to listen who is going through something similar is a great help.ÿ We are all learning from each other new coping techniques.ÿ Anything that is shared is this group must not be discussed with anyone outside the group.

Facebook –ÿ ÿ ÿ*This is a Private Facebook Group so you would need to make the request to join the group then wait to be accepted by the Administrator in order to gain more information.



Location & Contact Details


Opening Times

Closed Facebook group is open all hours - Regular sessions are posted on the group meetings held several times a week, and two evening meetings per month, one at the Attic and one at St Luke's Community Hub.


Helpline: 03444 775 774, Text: 07537 416905