We provide support, advice and information about alcohol use for adults in Essex.

If you find that alcohol is causing problems in your life, we can help. Whether you want to reduce the amount you drink, how often you drink or abstain completely, we provide a range of support designed around your personal needs and aspirations.

We know it’s not easy to address problems with alcohol, but our experienced team will guide you through the support on offer. We use tried and tested methods to help you to work towards your personal goals.

Services Offered/Interventions:

You can benefit from support on a one-to-one basis and group support, where you can share experiences with other people with similar experiences.  Essex ARC also has access to in-house counselling services, where appropriate.

We can also support family, friends and carers affected by a loved one’s drinking and can refer to more specialist family support.

Where we think you may benefit from specialist support, we will link you up with partner organisations in your area that can help. For more information on what we do, please get in touch with us via phone or email.

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