We are a UK wide charity fighting hunger and food waste, by redistributing surplus food from the food industry to charities and community groups.

We run 2 programmes – Fareshare, which redistributes surplus food from higher up in the food chain – food with as long shelf life, before it reaches supermarkets. Membership fee.

Fareshare Go redistributes surplus food from Tesco and have trials starting with Waitrose, Asda and Aldi, redistributing food which is on its best before date or chilled food which can be frozen for 1 month or more. Free service.ÿFareShare only provides food to organisations and cannot provide food to individuals. If you are an individual and need food please see our list of organisations that may be able to help you.


Checks are carried out to ensure charities are eligible for the food, have suitable storage and cooking facilities on site.

Contact – Li Brookman, Regional Manager, Deptford Trading Estate, Blackhorse Road, London SE8 5HY 07572 228081

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