I wanted to direct you to our new online referral form which is now to be used by services within the city should you wish to make a referral for occupational therapist input.

Please don’t be put off by name “self referral form” this can be completed on behalf of the person. You can also ask family or friends of the person to use this tool should this be an option. We have tried to make this as simple as possible and you only need to complete the relevant sections.

I’m afraid we are no longer accepting email referrals so this is the only route of referral for professionals and this is live now. The link is www.southend.gov.uk/otselfreferral you can click on “continue without registering” underneath the log in section.

If you have a query in regard to whether you should refer to social services OT please email otreferrals@southend.gov.uk and we can help you. We work with people with long term conditions and care and support needs.

We have updated our website and you can find more information here Independent living and Occupational Therapy (OT) / Southend-on-Sea City Council

We have also put together an FAQs page which should also be helpful Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) / Independent living and Occupational Therapy (OT) / Southend-on-Sea City Council This provides information as to the best service to refer into.

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