Our Essex based Community Job Groups are making a huge positive impact and we are changing lives, reaching success rates of 25% of members moving on into paid work and more starting voluntary work, work experience, further study or training.

We also work with young people aged 16 – 26 and our goal is to support each young person on their transition to the next stage of their life; this might be paid work, work experience, voluntary work, training or study. Our talent at SeeJobGroup is Coaching and Mentoring, our aim is to firstly recognise and identify the passion, key skills and talents that young people have. Sometimes these have not yet been flagged or appreciated, either by themselves or by others. Whilst doing this, its about being aware of each young person’s abilities and challenges. We do this through targeted young people’s job groups.

We aim to prevent each young person from doing less with their lives. We healthily stretch each young person past their limiting beliefs, combating self-doubt.

We work with individuals who have been involved in the criminal justice system. Our aim is to break down barriers, change mindsets and reduce re-offending. We do this by empowering individuals, to create a vision of the crime free life they want to achieve by setting goals and taking practical steps to make it a reality.

Our SeeChange plan is a combination of individual coaching sessions teamed with targeted job readiness group workshops. It is this combination of one to one coaching and group activity that makes the SeeChange plan so uniquely powerful for job seekers. Our approach is simple yet effective, we see potential with every person we work with and we tap into that potential to get results.

We take an holistic approach to job seeking, ensuring members are given the tools to job search successfully and that they are also given the individual time to increase confidence and motivation to put the tools into practice. We encourage and facilitate individuals and groups to stretch probability into possibility.

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Kingsley House

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