We started SE Essex Organic Gardeners (SEEOG) in 1994 after being inspired by both the team on the HDRA (Garden Organic) stand at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show and the books Gardening Without Chemicals by Jack Temple and Silent Spring by Rachel Carson. Our aim was to allow the individual organic gardener to place themselves in the wider environment in which we exist locally and globally.

The group emerged in the era of the Agenda 21 Biodiversity Action Plans that brought together like-minded people concerned with environmentalism, ecology and activism so there was considerable collaboration and networking. We worked with organisations such as the South Essex Natural History Society, permaculture groups, allotments, LETS (Local Exchange Trading Systems), Friends of the Earth, Surfers against Sewage, Greenpeace and anti-nuclear campaigns. We were all concerned with pollution and toxic effects on people, the unborn child and the environment at large.

SEEOG aims remain the same today. We are a web fed by and feeding those concerned with the ecology of our planet and our human impact on it. We aim to promote the organic way and a community response and reaction to develop resilience locally and globally. We meet every two months with talks on a wide range of topics, usually with a local connection; we also provide speakers for other organisations to help spread the word. During the year, we also arrange group outings, these days by car-share. We work in partnership with local charity Trust Links, who host our meetings and run the Growing Together Gardens with their core work for mental health and the environment.

South East Essex Seed Potato Day – in partnership with local charity, Trust Links – is the highlight of our year. During the day we sell many different varieties of tubers, mostly all purchased from Potato House in Scotland. We aim to give lots of friendly help and advice, especially for beginners!

Meetings are held six times a year in January, March, May, July, September and November at Trust Links Rochford, Trust Links House, College Gardens, Rochford, SS4 1YL (parking available) from 20:00 until 22:00 hours. Our speakers start at 20:00.

Subscription is £8 for a Single Member or £12 for Family Membership. Family Membership includes members of one family living at the same address. Only one newsletter will be sent to each family. To cut down on costs we do not send out receipts but ensure that new members receive our current newsletter as soon as possible.

We offer free membership to schools.

If you’d like to find out more about SE Essex Organic Gardeners, please give us a call.

Email: caroleshorney@hotmail.com

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