Launched in Britain in 1981. By 1985 there were 35 branches in Britain. There are currently around 100 branches around the world.
Each branch organises its own local events and also attends national events.
The aims of the association was to:
? To encourage the 1944 spirit of comradeship, irrespective of rank or social position.
? Promote contacts between former comrades via branch meetings, reunions etc.
? Organised visits to places of interest and former battlefields.
? Give practical assistance to members and their dependants in need.
? Educate the younger generations about the times and the past deeds of their forebears.

Due to the age of the Normandy veterans, and the amount of branches closing, the Normandy Veterans Association disbanded on the 70th anniversary.
Should you be interested in contacting an organization, you are advised to contact the ?Spirit the Normandy?;

Location & Contact Details


PO Box 300



Opening Times

Breakfast Club every 2nd Saturday of the month Call for Info 07738 082629

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01702 522843/ 01428 605672