About the project

Co-production is an equal relationship between people providing and people receiving services. Knowledge from lived experiences and professional experience is equally valued. People actively share information, power and responsibility for decision-making.

We work together to plan, design, deliver and evaluate services to make them as effective as possible. The more diverse the residents involved in the teams, the better the services are likely to be. Cities and towns up and down the country are working in co-productive relationships with residents. These projects find that their community’s quality of life improves as well as services being more efficient.

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Personal Development
Participants develop new networks and skills that can be personally enriching and vocationally rewarding.

Better Services for the Community
The community gets services that are fit for purpose and work better for everybody. This creates stronger communities and greater resilience.

Tangible Impact on the Community
Local organisations and staff are able to create more impact in their roles and add value to their professional input.

To find out more, or to be part of the co-production taking places in Southend, please email us.

In Partnership With

Early Years Alliance

The Early Years Alliance is the largest and most representative early years membership organisation in England. Our vision is a society where every child enjoys the opportunity to learn through play. We believe families should be at the centre of policy-making and empowered to become fully involved with their child’s learning and development.

Southend City Council

Southend 2050 is the borough’s ambition for the future. It was developed following extensive conversations with those that live, work, visit, do business and study in Southend-on-Sea. These conversations asked people what they thought Southend-on-Sea should be like in 2050 and what steps are needed now, and in the coming years, to help achieve this. The ambition is grounded in the values of Southenders. It is bold and challenging and will need all elements of our community to work together to make it a reality.