SENDIASS Successfully Delivers Purrble to Schools in Southend

Published on: June 15, 2023

SENDIASS has successfully delivered a Purrble to every infant/primary and special school in Southend with plenty of positive feedback to follow.

The Purrble companion is a cuddly, interactive tool that helps children to find calm in moments of stress, overwhelm, and other big emotions. The companion’s heart races to show emotion. Hold and pet the companion to slow their heartbeat into a gentle purr.

Your Stories

Richmond Avenue Primary School Head – “Just wanted to quickly email and say thank you for the Purrble. We have already used it with a child who was feeling overwhelmed and struggling with their behaviours, as soon as they picked it up, they held it close to their body, sat down and started stroking it calmly whilst relaxing and regulating themselves. A great asset to the school already! 😊”

Darlinghurst Primary School – “Thank you! We have already used with a child today and Purrble’s arrival has been announced in our News & Views letter to parents 😊”

‘Today a new friend came to the academy in the form of a Purrble. This is a little creature that made its way to my office. Like us, at times the Purrble needs help and a friend. I shared this with some children and the effects were amazing (and on me too – as the label rightly says for all ages (even 1 to 100). The Purrble’s heart races with emotions but responds to being held, slowing its heartbeat into a gentle purr. It also calmed us in the process. It was a wonderful gift to receive and I know will help many when they are feeling yellow or blue to feel green again.

SENCo Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Primary – “Thank you so much for our Purrble! It is so cute. It lasted in my office for under five minutes, before it was whipped away to a child in Year 5 who was in crisis. It hasn’t come back yet!

SENCo Porters Grange Primary – “Many thanks. Our Purrble has been adopted by Karen, our Pupil and Family Well-being lead. She was very excited about it and already has plans!”

SENCo Prince Avenue Primary – “Thank-you! We have already used it to successfully de-escalate a child this pm.”

SENCo Early Years Setting – “The Purrble has been a great addition to our setting and the children have embraced having a new ‘pet’. They immediately were intrigued and eager to handle it, stroking it and taking care of it. They like it having its own carry box and this built the excitement and enthusiasm.
“He wants to get out”… “Can I cuddle him”… “He’s cute” … “Look at his eyes” … “He’s so soft” … “Oh you can hear it” (holding close to face to listen to heart beat). “Let’s put him to sleep”

The children have not quite grasped the idea of slowing the heartbeat, but with support and continued stroking it supported co-regulation and inspired language opportunities. In time, I feel with continued support, scaffolding and co-regulation, this will support the children to understand the concept in more depth and promote independent regulation, for our older children. This may also support transition for those who find this an anxious time as the Purrble is an easy size to hold and transport.’

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