Our value proposition
At Health Transportation Group UK (HTG-UK) we embrace the responsibility and challenges of providing a high-quality non-emergency patient transport service.ÿFrom our Call Takers and Driver Care Assistants to our Control Centre and Quality teams, every one of our people understand the important role they play in ensuring our patients receive the highest quality of care.

The values we share with the wider Health Transportation Group (HTG), of which we are a part, are at the heart of everything we do. These values ensure we put people first so that we can offer patients the care that they need and deserve.ÿThese core values also ensure we grow a sustainable business so that not only do we provide exceptional care for patients but that we also ensure the service is efficient and effective for the organisations who commission us.

We lead the way, always moving forward, always striving for excellence and always looking for new, innovative ways to meet the changing needs of the healthcare transport sector.

What we offer

Our experience of delivering a high-quality service throughout the Patient Transport Service (PTS) contracts that we operate means we can be flexible and responsive to the changing needs of our patients and commissioning organisations.ÿWe care for patients with varying needs and mobilities including dialysis, bariatric, oncology, do not attempt resuscitation orders (DNAR) and patients with infectious diseases.

With more than 700 employees and 350 ambulances operating from over 15 locations across the UK we have the resources and expertise to deliver an efficient service with outstanding patient experience.ÿPatients with complex or special needs are often the most vulnerable and require a service that is tailored to ensure they receive the required level of care.

Below are some examples of the ways we tailor our service to meet the needs of theÿmany groups of patients we care for:


Dialysis patients are our most frequent users of the service and often they are also the most vulnerable.

We understand the impact that dialysis has on a patient?s life as well as the lives of their relatives and friends. It can be intrusive, uncomfortable and leave patients feeling unwellÿand tired so ensuring their transport is safe, caring and efficient helps to minimise the impact of their treatment.

We have created a tailored service based on our many years of experience working with dialysis patients. This group of patients require regular and planned transport and our approachÿis to wherever possible provide dedicated drivers so that they can build relationships with each individual. This also allows our drivers to get to know patients so they can identify any uncharacteristic signs and raise any concerns with clinical staff.

Our drivers are also trained to understand individual patient needs and to protect their dignity and confidentiality.

Dedicated Dialysis Co-ordinators provide additional support through daily engagement with dialysis units examining patient lists, journey patterns and scheduled transport times to ensure the service runs smoothly for both the unit and patients. The Co-ordinator also spends time with patients listening to their needs so we can continuously improve the service we provide for them.

Bariatric Patients

We have been caring for bariatric patients for many years and have a full understanding of their requirements. We have invested in a fleet of modern ambulances, capable of carrying patients up to 75 stone, as well as equipment including carry chairs, safety belt extensions, stretchers and wheelchairs, all designed specifically for bariatric patients. Our ambulances allowÿpatients toÿget on and off the vehicle safely and with dignity.

A full assessment is carried out before transport is booked for a bariatric patient. We assess where the patient lives, any access issues and if additional support is required. For example, if a patient needs to be taken up or down stairs we make sure there are the right number of DriverÿCare Assistants to support.

We have clear guidelines for bariatric patient transport and all our employees are trained in the safe handling of bariatric patients.ÿThe drivers will also get to know the patients, meaning that they are better able to care for them safely and with dignity.


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