We support Neurodivergent (Autistic, PDA, ADHD, DCD) teens and young adults (aged 13-20 years) who are experiencing mental health difficulties.
We currently open a club once a week where the attendees meet up, join in activities, speak to neurodivergent adults, go out for activities, get support for their mental health difficulties, make friends, and have a space that they can call their own.

ND teens and young adults experiencing mental health difficulties are one of the most vulnerable, misunderstood, and poorly supported minorities in our society.

Through our work and training programmes, we hope to help ND teens and young adults to traverse their mental health difficulties, gain confidence, make friends, gain the support that they need, and to have the opportunity to become part of the ND and wider communities.

We host a weekly meet-up in central Southend where ND teens and young adults who are experiencing mental health difficulties can come together, have fun, make friends, play games, and join in with

our weekly arts and crafts activity.

We also go out for activities, like indoor rock climbing and going to the beach, to name a couple, but

we have many more outings lined up.


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