W4W (Women for Women) is dedicated to women who love women ? anywhere in Essex (UK).ÿIf you?re a woman, over the age of 18, and identify as gay, lesbian, queer, bi, or are, indeed, unsure of your sexuality ? this is a place where you can connect with other women for social events.ÿWe welcome all girls, whatever your shape, size, colour, football team or bank statement.ÿWe truly appreciate having you around :).

We are a social group that aims to provide women with fun and friends. It doesn?t matter if you are ?out? or not, you can come to our events and meetings knowing that they are either ?lesbian only?, ?women only? or ?members, friends and family?.ÿMany events are held in public places BUT at least twice a month we meet in a safe place away from the public eye. You?ll find that our group is incredibly diverse ? there are couples and singles, some have children, some have cats ;), some are young, others feel young? You can call yourself ?lesbian?, ?bi?, ?gay? or Susan, you are all welcome.

What we are not. Well, it?s not a dating group. We?re friends ? and we go to restaurants, play pool, have barbecues, poker nights (!), days at the beach, walks, film and games nights, art classes and meet for coffee, tea and biscuits? That said, some couples were singles before they joined the group ;).

Quite a few of us are based somewhere along the A13/ A127. We definitely have ?quite a few? members in the wider Southend area, but we do have members on and past the London border, as far North as Clacton and as far South as Thurrock, too. We are very keen to extend our group both North and West, so even if you live a little further away please get in touch and we?ll try to arrange an event nearer to where you live.


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Not provided for security reasons. Please email info@wvwessex.co.uk

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Not provided for security reasons. Please email info@wvwessex.co.uk