The Blue Therapy Active aim is to offer people the opportunity to experience what is actually considered a thing, a feeling, that being on, near or in the water brings. This feeling known as Blue Therapy is what the founders have experienced when out enjoying the company of others, meeting new people and pursuing our love for the activities. They focus on non-impactual or less specialist activities that anyone could participate in regardless.

Founded by Del Christie and his partner Sarah-Jane Coombes, Blue Therapy Active is currently run here in Southend.

Since initiation and certainly through the pandemic the group have grown as a community exponentially from just a couple of hundred to more than 1,400. Although across our various groups our statistics show more than 4,000 followers. Through Sarah’s efforts of answering people’s pleas for help and company, Sarah has managed to build numbers and recently won a lockdown hero award for all her efforts with British Canoeing.

Sarah has since been involved in several podcasts talking about the benefits that Blue Therapy offer through our various activities, including paddle boarding, walking, cycling, swimming and our next venture of a Beach School/Forest School. Our path has been mostly shaped by the needs and wants of the community, we have listened and created to bring others together, in turn bettering their mindset and their health simultaneously.

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