It?s almost impossible not to feel good when we?re walking outdoors ? it?s a natural mood-booster! And the great news is we don?t need to walk far or fast to feel its effects on our health and wellbeing. Simply getting out is a tonic for our minds and bodies, and it can be sociable too.

Almost all of us can manage a stroll, and Ramblers Wellbeing Walks make it easier to start walking and stay active. And you?ll certainly never be short of good company.

Everyone is welcome

Whether you used to enjoy walking but have lost your fitness or want to get started to improve your wellness, we?re all in it together. We?re a friendly bunch so you?ll get the warmest of welcomes. Everyone walks for their own reasons, whether to ward off illness, manage health conditions or boost their wellbeing. Yet we all get more out of it by walking together.

Safe and enjoyable

All our short group walks are led by an experienced Ramblers Wellbeing Walk leader along tried-and-tested routes. And there should be some within easy reach of where you live. Because you?ll be walking with others, you?ll feel safe and supported and have fun along the way too.

We make getting active easier, for everyone

  • Fitness level doesn?t matter: walks are over easy terrain and at a steady pace to suit everyone.
  • Mobility limitations aren?t an issue: routes are open to allÿ(Please contact walk organiser to check if the route is wheelchair accessible).
  • No special equipment is needed
  • Wellbeing walks are achievable: walks are short: starting at 10 mins and never longer than 90 minutes.
  • Making walking a healthy habit is easier: there?s at least one planned walk a week, starting at the same time and place every week.
  • Finding a Ramblers Wellbeing Walk is simple: planned walks feature on our website.
  • Joining a group walk is convenient: all walks are local, and accessible on foot or by public transport.

Better wellbeing is just a step away. There?s no need to plan your route, find a walking buddy or the motivation. Just pull on your shoes and we?ll do the rest. Tempted? Why not give us a try?


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