Support Group for people with type 1 diabetes.

South East Essex Type 1 Diabetes Family Group has been set up to arrange and advertise events for children/teens and their families with Type 1 diabetes in the South East Essex Area.

Our aim is to arrange events that appeal to all ages that will enable families who are on the Type 1 diabetes journey to connect with others in their local area. There’s nothing better than meeting people who share a common experience with you.

We are officially registered as an activity group with Diabetes UK. This group is run by volunteers who either have T1 diabetes or who have children that do. Please note that we are not able or qualified to provide medical advice. You should always direct any questions of this nature your Specialist Diabetic Nursing Team who will be able to assist you. This group is not to be used for advertising of another nature. The page will be monitored and any inappropriate posts will be removed as soon as possible.


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