Early Maths Matters

Why does early maths matter? Is it all about the numbers? Are children born mathematical? What can we do to help them develop on their mathematical journey?

Watch this bite sized lunchtime webinar with Elaine Taylor-Brown, project lead of the ABSS project Early Maths Matters programme, to dip your toe in to the fascinating world of early maths. Too many of us are scared of maths, think we can’t do it- how does this impact the education we provide in our settings? Well it’s time to stop. Change the narrative and realise the joy of maths- for our children, and the adults who care for them! Let’s talk all things maths for the under 5’s!

Elaine Taylor-Brown (formerly Bennett) is a school leader and Early Years teacher currently based at Friars Primary School in Southend. Her particular passions as an NNEB trained nursery nurse are the power of play, the crucial role of observation and the importance of the workforce understanding child development. She is the author of popular early maths books for practitioners as well as many articles. Elaine works both locally and nationally to spread the word that early maths does not need to be dull, or scary- in fact maths can be joyful and fascinating- we just have to open our eyes to the world of maths we (and our children) live in!

Lunchinar Resources

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