Our core values are:
Understanding, Kindness, Respect, Faith, Excellence and Responsibility.

The core values underpin all that we do in school.
They are based upon our mission statement of:

Loving like Mary

Serving like Mary

Learning like Mary

Believing like Mary

Together with our mission statement they give us the code of conduct we try to follow in school which we call

The Our Lady of Lourdes Way‘.


Core Value Our Shared Aim
Understanding We treat others as we want to be treated
Kindness We make others feel valued by what we do and what we say

We care for everyone in our community because we belong to the school family

Respect We make the right choices

We recognise that everyone is a child of God

Faith We love God and one another

We believe in ourselves and have a go

Excellence We try to be the best we can

We join in with our learning because we want to do well

Responsibility We look after our environment

We know that we are responsible for what we do



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Manchester Drive




Email Address


01702 715551