An NHS service tailored to help patients navigate through health, social and voluntary services.ÿ You are assessed in the comfort of your own home, and provided with referrals, advice and support. The aim is to ensure you have the services you need to allow you to stay independent for as long as possible. A personal care plan is created which highlights areas where you may need support. The team will also work with your GP to ensure your needs are met.

This service is available to;

  • Adults aged 18 and over
  • Adults living with frailty or have long-term conditions
  • Living in your own home
  • tend to use emergency services frequently
  • Vulnerable adults at risk of admission to hospital
  • have consented to treatment
  • patients registered with a GP in South East Essex (including temporary residents) or unregistered patients living with the locality

The service will accept referrals from your registered GP with your consent. Also referrals from Social Workers, Community health Teams, Palliative Nurses, Occupational Health Teams, and voluntary and community services.

If you are a patient, friend or relative you can also self-refer to the service for support.


Location & Contact Details


Email Address

Southend- / castle point and rochford -


Southend - 01702 372060 / 01702 372061 / Castle Point and Rochford - 01702 538241