Church of England Hadleigh Deanery

Knit & Natter

A friendly group, which meets weekly for anyone who enjoys knitting, crochet, cross-stitch and other crafts. Tea, coffee and lots of chat provided.

Enquiries: Contact Jane on 07810 545812 for more information.

Friday Lunches:

Friday Lunches have restarted, all are welcome, from 12.45pm in church every Friday, immediately after the 12noon Mass.ÿÿ

We`ll Meet Again is on the first Tuesday in each month, 2.30 – 4.30pm

Our popular monthly get-together for the older members of our community on the first Tuesday of each month has resumed.ÿ There is a speaker or activity at each meeting, and always sandwiches, cake, tea and coffee. No charge.

Enquiries: Call Mrs. Viv Porthouse on (01702) 479546

Face2Face Arts Chaplaincy:

Face2face Arts Chaplaincy exists to be a blessing on the arts and artists of Leigh.ÿ And we thank everyone who supports the Face2Face Arts Chaplaincy.

We would welcome any contributions or offers of help on any of the arts projects.ÿ You can contact Mtr. Cherry viaÿ

It is our prayer that this will grow, and give confidence to those whose creativity is still unformed as well as bringing us closer to those outside our walls.ÿ Please keep the chaplaincy in your prayers.

In 2020 there have not, as you would imagine, been any opportunities to host any arts projects.ÿ We pray that things will return to normal in 2021 and that we will be able to continue to showcase the work of students and local artists.

In 2019ÿSaint Clement?s Face2face Arts Chaplaincy were pleased to host an exhibition of work of Access to Art and Design Students from South Essex College.ÿ This was photographic work responding to their project, Love and Death, with their entries for this year?s Royal Opera House Design Challenge, Romeo and Juliet.

Location & Contact Details


St. Clements Rectory

80 Leigh Hill




Email Address


07884 148148